Greetings from Risotopia!


Greetings from Risotopia™

About Risograph Printing

Risograph printing is the perfect process for lowbrow art (cultural roots in underground comix, punk music, tiki culture, and hot-rod cultures of the street.) The charm — and fun, is in the imperfections and misregistration. It's gritty and soft. It can vary slightly from sheet to sheet. If designing with this in mind, the Risograph can actually accentuate this in a design or illustration. Regarded as a more economical alternative to silk screen printing (but less precise and pristine) the Risograph printing technique has grown in popularity as a way to self publish for artists, students, and professionals alike. 

Ink & paper

Risotopia currently has 10 soy ink colors in stock. With primary colors Bright Red, Yellow and Medium Blue, secondary colors can be created such as orange, purple, green and many variations in-between.

With the Risograph soy based ink printing medium, all paper has to be uncoated for the ink to dry and adhere to the stock. The Risograph can accommodate paper weight up to 80lb cover and as thin as 20 text. For smaller runs with limited colors, 100 lb cover can be used.