Ink & Paper

Ink Options 

  • Soy-based, non toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Risograph ink colors do not conform to the PMS standard, but their transparent properties can be overlapped and combined to create unique and unexpected results - for example, overlapping yellow and bright red or fluorescent pink makes orange
  • Ink has a hand printed, tactile finish
  • Metallic Gold and White can be printed on dark colored paper for wonderful effects
  • Printed on uncoated paper

    We currently stock the following colors. Please request print samples if you need to see and feel the process before printing for the first time.

Paper Options

  • Due to the nature of RISO ink, non-coated paper is required. Using this type paper will minimize potential smudging, but can't completely eliminate it.
  • The Risograph can accept paper sizes up to 11" x 17" in weights from 20lb bond to 80lb cover.
  • We keep several French Paper Company and Neenah weights and types in stock, or a special color can be ordered and delivered within a few days.
  • Printing on a colored paper can act as an additional color.